Raiz Tribal Band 


    Here is a little History about this Great BrazilIan Reggae Band that is now working on a collaboration with Jahgun,

                   The stare of Maranhao  in Brazil is  a state with a very deepely rooted culture which has being  strongly  influenced  by Reggae Music. So much so that  this musical style, gave the title of "Brazilian Jamaica" to the capital of Maranhão. Hundreds of reggae clubs were playing the Reggae Music when it was never played on the radio. Then, several radio stations…

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Jahgun and Raiz Tribal 




Jahgun is currently working on a new collaboration with Raiz Tribal a renowned Reggae Band  from Sao Luiz do Maranhao , Brazil

Stay tuned for more info on this project!

Jah Bless