Raiz Tribal Band


    Here is a little History about this Great BrazilIan Reggae Band that is now working on a collaboration with Jahgun,

                   The stare of Maranhao  in Brazil is  a state with a very deepely rooted culture which has being  strongly  influenced  by Reggae Music. So much so that  this musical style, gave the title of "Brazilian Jamaica" to the capital of Maranhão. Hundreds of reggae clubs were playing the Reggae Music when it was never played on the radio. Then, several radio stations started to play reggae music, and that way Reggae Became more and more popular , justifying the title of national reggae capital.

In This scenario  Raiz Tribal was born with a lot conscious knowledge of the problems affecting the region and Brazil.
Keke Enes, from Tribo De Jah is one of the masterminds on the creation of Raiz Tribal Band  he played for five years with the band and  participated in the CD recordings "the Balylon Inside" 2006 "Love to the World Peace to the Peaple" 2007 "Remaking" 2008 and the DVD "Live in the Amazon," recorded in Belem. 
The band has recorded two CDs, the first - "Tuning" - released after four years of history, patience and dedication.
In 2006 the Band released their second CD, called "Reggaeraggarootsskadub" which summarizes the different forms and segments of reggae music. own music creation, like, "Oh Moon" and "Final Art" are the songs that do not cease to be sung at concerts.
Im 2012 Raiz Tribal finalized their 3rd CD and they choosed   the capital of Maranhão , Sao Luiz , to record this project as a tribute to the 400 years of the city .

Raiz Rribal in their 15 years of  career gain it Own identity, and played alongside renowned bands and national singers some of those are (Black City , Tribo de Jah , Natiruts , Chimarruts , O Rappa , Marcelo D2 , Nando Reis , Humberto Guessinger ... ) and international established ( Andrew Tosh , Tarrus Riley , Inner Circle , Don Carlos , Gladiators , Israel Vibration , Tom Capone , Norris Cole, Tinga Stewart , sun ... ) was backing band for big names like Toni Garrido (Black City) , Fauzi Beydoun ( Tribo de Jah ) , Rafa Machado ( Chimarruts ) , Ras Sparrow, Eric Donaldson (world reggae legend ) and Etana, who was elected  the world reggae singer in 2015.


(2001) Sintonia (Recorded em Guarulhos/ SP)
(2005) Reggaeraggarootsskadub (Recorded em São Paulo/ SP)
(2012) Novas Trilhas


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