New Rockars was born from a new partnership between Gerson da Conceição and Jahgun Music. Gerson da Conceicao, aka Bassyman, a renowned Brazilian musician, singer, producer, and musical director based in São Paulo, Brazil, and Jahgun, based in Los Angeles, California. Together they have created a new reggae project called New Rockars.


The New Rockars project was on tour in California in the summer of 2015.

 History: These two talented musicians met in the 2013 Tribo De Jah tour in Los Angeles, where Gerson was the musical director of Soul Vibes, in partnership with Fauzi Beydoun and Tribo De Jah, (a Brazilian reggae band formed by blind musicians). It was at that encounter that the idea of ​​the New Rockars was created, a project that revisits the old school Jamaican reggae scene and focuses on styles of rockers and lovers rock with a touch of modernity. With this new project also came the whole concept for a new album called "Unconditional Love," an album with a repertoire that has the participation of both musicians and the musical direction and arrangements of Gerson Da Conceicao. The lyrics of the entire album promote positive energy with the purpose of counterattacking negative energy and violence in this planet at this time in history. The New Rockers concept has its emphasis on love, and is rooted in the lovers rock romanticism as a philanthropic idea of Agape (Unconditional Love), that is the Agape Love, the love the almighty Jah has for Humanity and Nature. 

The New Rockars Project had already started in the summer 2015 in California when Gerson, Jahgun, and their band took the stage presenting a number of  great performances, such as opening for the renowned Jamaican band ThirdWorld at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, among many other presentations. The New Rockars Summer Tour 2015 ended with an epic presentation at the great annual Festival Reggae on the Mountain, by New Rockars taking the stage right before two of the most consecrated artists in Reggae History, Alborosie and Ky-Mani Marley.


At the present moment New Rockars are  working on new productions. Stay tuned!! So much more is coming very very soon from this dynamic and synergistic duo.


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