On July 12 2016 the Fluid album, by Orange Roots , was completed .

The albun has nine tracks produced by Emmanuel Mirdad and Attila Santtana,  recorded,  mixed and mastered by Tadeu Mascarenhas (photo), at the Studio Casa das Maquinas, in Rio Vermelho,  Salvador,  Bahia,  Brazil (some recordings were made in Attila's home studio ).

Orange Roots would like to thank all the brilliant musicians who participated in this Project, They are :  Iuri Carvalho and Fabricio Mota ( we now have an Album with a spectacular bass and drum! ), a partner/producer The Great guitarist Attila Santtana,  the participation of Nancy Viégas and Matias Hernan Traut,   and especially the fabulous singer brother Jagun - Labi (aka Jahgun ) , and psicodelias Tadeu Mascarenhas our partner.

The album its ready and now it's up to our partners to seek a label to release the album .

Photo: Zezão Castro